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Blast It Global offer their clients the opportunity to engage industry expertise in the field of drill and blast, to optimise and improve their sites drill and blast practices, focusing on safety and productivity.  Blast it Global’s key objective is the provision of a sustainable solution to their clients.  While working with site’s personnel, Blast it Global will assess and determine your sites current experience/knowledge levels, then structure training to assist in delivering sustainable drill and blast projects.  Services include:

Drill and blast audits, current state assessment and map against industry best practice;
• Blast design process current state assessment – map against industry best practice;
• Mentoring site based engineers, superintendent, supervisor and shotfirers to better understand drill and blast practices, to improve productivity
  and safety;
• Formalised blast training packages, tailored to clients requirements;
• Specific blast optimisation, fragmentation improvements, construction blasting, etc.;
• Drill production optimisation, improve operating time;
• Airblast and blast vibration optimisation, reduce levels and increase blast sizes;
• Drill & blast contractor management and auditing;
• Explosive supply contract negotiation and advising;
• Establish site specific Drill & Blast Metrics (KPI’s);
• Blast Management Plans;
• Flyrock and blast exclusion zones technical evaluations;
• Drill & blast tender preparation;
• Drill & blast tender analysis and reporting;
• Airblast and blast vibration analysis and reporting;
• Vibration modelling;
• Bulk explosive trials, measurement and reporting;
• Initiating system trials, measurement and reporting;
• Blast consulting;
• Velocity of Detonation (VOD) testing and assessment;
• Blast design;
• Initiation designs;
• Blast software training;

• Blast fragmentation analysis;

• Misfire management and investigation;

​• Shotfirer explosive vehicle dry hire;

​• Instantel Blast Monitor Hire 1 week to 1 month;
• Supply of blasting services;

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