​​​Blast It Global Projects

  • Karara Mining Limited    - Fragmentation optimisation;

                                                      - Wall control optimisation;

                                                      - Blast exclusion zone optimisation;

                                                      - Electronic initiation sequence optimisation;

                                                      - Site specific training for client and contractor;

                                                     -  Review contractor claims;

                                                     -  Bulk explosive product and density optimisation;

                                                     -  Velocity of detonation (VOD) measurement;

                                                     -  Velocity of detonation reporting and optimisation through product selection;

                                                     -  Supply of blast vibration monitor and analysis of data;

                                                     -  Shotfirer Training;

                                                     - Blasting within close proximity of wet tails dam facility assessment and recommendations.

  • Roy Hill                             - Drill & Blast operational audits and recommendations;

                                                      - Blast Management Plan review;

                                                      - Explosive Management Plan review;

                                                     -  Blast Fume potential generation, design evaluation tool;

                                                     -  Technical review and support for explosive procurement.

  • Hanson Construction Materials

                                                     - Drill and blast operation audit (WA Quarry site);

                                                     - Supply, analysis and reporting on displacement measurement due to blasting;

                                                     - Independent review of environmental blasting results (WA Quarry site).

  • Nitro Sibir Australia       - Technical blasting support for open cut clients;

                                                     - Velocity of detonation VOD measurement;

                                                     - Velocity of Detonation (VOD) analysis, reporting and explosives

                                                       product optimisation;

                                                     - Drill & Blasting training at clients sites;

                                                     - Shotfiring services for VOD testing;

                                                     - Shotfirer Training;

                                                     - Mine to Mill project lead at clients sites;

                                                     - Magazine Controller / Keeper training.

  • Minjar Gold                    - Blast design optimisation for dilution control;

                                                    - Blast design optimisation for wall control blasting;

                                                    - Bulk explosives optimisation for dilution control.

  • Aplus Blast Management

​​                                                     - Blast fragmentation optimisation;

                                                     - Drill and blast equipment sourcing;

                                                     - High Risk Construction Blasting - Risk Assessment and recommendations.

  • Rio Tinto                       - Wall control blasting optimisation project;

                                                   - Independent review of drill and blast process (Fragmentation);

                                                   - Drill & Blasting training and mentoring;

                                                   - Shotfirer Training;

                                                   - Blast Design and Application training;

                                                   - Initiation Sequencing training.

  • Fortescue Metals Group- Blast design optimisation for fragmentation;

                                                     - VOD equipment hire;

                                                     - Drill and blast design process audits and recommendations;

                                                     - Operational drill and blast audits;

                                                     - Installation, training and hire of displacement measurement system.

  • WATPAC                       - Drill and blast design and on bench process review;

                                                  - Recommendations to optimise blast results;

                                                  - Blast Design and Application training.

  • Groundwork Plus       - Drill & Blast Environmental Impact Assessments;

                                                 - Implementation of Laser profiling and bore tracking (Chinese Quarry);

                                                 - Blast design optimisation to improve fragmentation (Chinese Quarry);

                                                 - Supply blast monitoring equipment;

                                                 - Establishment of blast vibration equation using seed hole analysis.

  • Mining and Civil Australia

                                                 - Site drill and blast audit;

                                                 - Drill and blasting optimisation and improvement recommendation.

  • Lucas TCS

​​​                                                 - Risk assessment for close proximity blasting;

                                                - Shotfirer Training;

                                                - Heritage site blasting risk assessment.

  • Newmont Boddington Gold

​​                                                - Bore tracking services;

                                                - Shotfirer Training.

  • Downer Edi Mining

                                               - Initiation design services;

                                               - Shotfirer Training.

  • City of Darwin

​​                                               - Risk assessment for close proximity blasting to infrastructure;

                                               - Blast supervision.


Rockmate design software

Blast It Global Tools

  • Wipfrag - Fragmentation measurement and analysis

  • Instantel Minimate Plus Blast Monitors

  • Shottrack Velocity of Detonation monitor

  • Vibrating wire displacement monitor

  • Blastplan Initiation Design Software

  • Rockmate Quarry Blast Design Software

  •  Renishaw Borettrack System



Centre Lift Blast
Instantel Blast Monitor in field
Wipfrag particle distribution
Rockmate DMXQuattro 3D modelling software
Vibration Wire Displacement Monitor Iron Ore Mine
Bore tracking service
Shottrack in field Iron Ore Mine
Shaping your blast (non-electric initiation)
Shottrack III VOD data collectors
VW Displacement Monitor at Quarry
stemming charge
Wipfrag particle size
Boretrack Viewer
Blast Plan
Instantel Geophone
Preparing VOD Cables